Thursday, April 2, 2009

I think everyone knows how i feel about this dude......let me know how you feel!!!!


  1. All right Nature!!!!
    Lets hope this catches fire. As we get closer and closer to training camp maybe we can gather some momentum.

  2. Gilgarbage is the weakest link. Go Nature.

  3. Got to get Andy to mention and link your site. I didn't know until it cought my eye on UltimateNYG on the side.

    All this talk about getting Edwards or Boldin bothers me as they are missing the big picture. These guys would provide a Plax security blanket to mask his incompetence. There wouldn't ever be a discussion about the WR position, and the absence of Plax, if we had an OC who knows how to strategize and manage personnel. Biggest peave I have with him is understanding the strength and weaknesses of his personnel and how too utilize. Manning can't throw in the wind, #44 out of the backfield against any LB and, oh yeah, how about K Boss in the red zone???

    Go Nature!

  4. Gillbrown is the worst thing that has happened to the NYG in years ! TC has no guts for holding on to him after the collapse of the O late last year.

  5. I was busy relinking to this site for the move of Ultimatenyg over to Bloguin. Kind of remarkable how the terd has all of these red zone problems last season, you'd think he would have all offseason to examine what went wrong?! Nope- 0 for 3 in the red zone again vs the Skins in W1. Nice that it does not matter in a Giants win. But once the competition gets tougher, those points left on the field matter (HINT, Philly playoff game last season- did THAT one matter?!).

    Bottom line people- this guy still is the weakest link on the offense, Plaxico or NO Plaxico.



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